Cyber OverVue™ is an analytics solution used to quickly evaluate cyber loss profiles through a comprehensive scoring system.

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Grow your business with an effective data-driven solution that easily identifies coverage gaps

Cyber OverVue™ is powered by Advisen’s database of 90,000+ cyber events, providing you with opportunities to:

    • Demonstrate the need for cyber coverage with peer loss examples
    • Identify gaps in coverage based on known losses from the same peer group
    • Help determine appropriate limits

OverVue enables real-time decision-making about the cyber risk of organizations. The easy-to-use interface allows you to evaluate a company’s known loss experience in terms of frequency and severity, as well as how their cyber program compares to their peers.

Sample Cyber OverVue Report

Download a copy of this sample Cyber OverVue Report.


Select a company (or industry and revenue range) and enter premium, limit, and retention. OverVue then generates three scores – frequency, severity, and insurance program benchmarking. The higher the score, the higher the insured’s level of risk.

Delve deeper into each of these scores with just one click to reveal the underlying details.

A series of charts and tables provide different views of the loss experience that you can show to clients. Each analysis also displays the five top losses as well as the most recent losses for the selected company and peer group.


The first chart, Industry Overview, displays a high-level comparison of the average, median, and maximum number of incidents for the selected industry, as compared to all industries across various revenue ranges. Three additional charts—Type of Incident, Type of Asset Compromised, and Trend Analysis—display the total number of incidents for the selected company, as compared to the average, median, and maximum number of incidents experienced by its peer group.


The Severity section features the same charts as Frequency—Industry Overview, Type of Incident, Type of Asset Compromised, and Trend Analysis—analyzing the number of records affected, as opposed to the number of incidents.


Charts provide context regarding how the cyber insurance program (premium, limit, retention) compares to its peers.



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