Effective data driven solutions to help you quickly evaluate the cyber risk of an organization


Cyber OverVue is an advanced analytics solution that leverages Advisen’s proprietary cyber loss data to facilitate effective, data-driven decision-making on cyber risk. Cyber OverVue provides a holistic view of an organization’s cyber risk profile, combining insights from its historical loss experience as well as forecasting potential scenarios and how these could impact the organization.


The revamped Cyber OverVue will further enhance user-friendliness and the generation of deep insights through more efficient search capabilities and streamlined reporting, along with the following key features:

    • Comprehensive Executive Summary
    • Augmented Severity Analysis
    • Cyber Loss Simulations
    • Enhanced Limit Adequacy Analyses

Improve Cyber Risk Advisory Capabilities

    • Demonstrate the need for cyber coverage
    • Improve coverage recommendations
    • Help determine appropriate limits

Negotiate Pricing & Terms with an Understanding of Historical Frequency and Severity

    • Improve underwriting performance and profitability
    • Refine risk selection
    • Refine pricing analysis

Gain Critical Insight with Cyber Overvue

High-level insights on how a company’s historical loss experience compares to that of its peer group.


Insight on how a company’s potential losses compare to those of its peer group, as well as allowing users to simulate customized scenarios to understand the possible impact of cyber incidents


Guidance on the appropriate amount of insurance to purchase through limit adequacy analyses, as well as traditional benchmarking analyses that give insights on peer purchasing behavior.


Advisen has developed a proprietary model to help better quantify cyber risk. The model looks at a combination of more than 70 different variables across more than 100,000+ cyber events in Advisen’s proprietary cyber loss data to simulate the potential impact of cyber incidents.

Cyber OverVue incorporates the outputs of this model to generate on-demand analytics that provide a comprehensive picture of an organization’s potential cyber loss exposure. Users will have the ability to generate customized scenarios that provide further insights on how cyber risk can impact various coverages, along with additional guidance on the types and amount of cyber insurance appropriate to an organization’s circumstances.

Sample Cyber OverVue Report

Download a copy of this sample Cyber OverVue Report or a marked up version that’s been annotated for your reference.


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