Cyber Security Awareness Month

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is an opportunity to renew emphasis on the cyber risks affecting businesses of all sizes.

From thefts of personally identifiable information to the growing impacts of ransomware, the cyber landscape is becoming riskier every day.

Cyber risk is a moving target. Zurich’s dedicated cyber underwriters and Risk Engineers stay up to date with evolving risks to help you protect your business and build cyber resilience.

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Ninth Annual Information Security and Cyber Risk Management Survey

Zurich and Advisen have released the ninth annual Information Security and Cyber Risk Management Survey.

The report notes that 74% of insurance buyers changed their cyber coverages in 2018 to attain higher limits than those provided by their prior policies. Buyers are more aware of cyber risk and have spent more time evaluating changing exposures, with internal risk analysis and modeling, as well as advice from brokers.

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