What is the Advisen Blog?

Advisen is more than a source of news. Advisen is not just an aggregator of data.

Advisen is a community.

We are risk professionals. We are dedicated to optimizing the understanding of commercial property and casualty.

This blog is your place to learn about and discuss the commercial P&C industry.

We invite you to read posts by our authors who are experts in the field. You are encouraged to comment with your opinions about the work that is being done.

As a reader, you join our community. You are furthering the collective effort to make sense of rapidly changing industry circumstances. You will discover valuable resources that are especially designed to be of great practical use to you as an insurance or risk professional.

Welcome to the Advisen Blog. We’re glad you’re here.

Your participation is key. Help make this a dynamic, engaging, and thought-provoking nexus of information. With your input, we all stand a greater chance of more meaningfully engaging with significant challenges.

Since the year 2000, Advisen has been a lightning rod around which risk and P&C insurance professionals have rallied. Together we celebrate the seriousness of mind and the intellectually rigorous approach needed to sort the data, processes, and stories of our time. The blog is a digital extension of the vibrant discussions that have been taking place in our community since we were founded.

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As a trusted strategic partner serving the commercial P&C industry, Advisen powers the most celebrated names in the business. Likewise, universities and new professionals just starting out in the field also leverage Advisen as a vital resource that is central to their growth and research. No matter your position in the space, this blog is for you. So, please share your perspective.

As we at Advisen survey the state of the industry, the only constant we see is that everyone knows who we were last year is not who we will be next year.

In a word, transformation is the rule of the day for ourselves, our businesses, and our clients. Whether it’s the evolving imperatives guiding the formation of the cyber insurance market or the natural disasters inflicting unprecedented damages on insureds, our imaginations are tasked like never before. As risk professionals, it is our duty to consider what may be. It is why Advisen reports on breaking insurance news and maintains records on hundreds of thousands of loss events that are constantly updated as the story around each develops.

Markets rely on insurance professionals to make the soundest of choices. Recommending appropriate limits, underwriting the right risks, and organizing business processes are opportunities that require the skills, talents, and dedication of the community of professionals we are privileged to serve. We hope that this blog helps you.


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