Telemedicine & Cyber Risk: Time for a check-up

Telemedicine, the use of telecommunication and information technology to provide clinical healthcare from a distance, has revolutionized the delivery of healthcare services in recent years. However, with great technical advances come a wider spectrum of cyber threats, including telemedicine security risks.

While external threats coming from malicious actors are widely acknowledged, healthcare service providers must also pay attention to other sources of threats including employee error, unintentional disclosure, and insider threat.

In addressing telemedicine security risks, it is important to look for policies that combine the appropriate mix of professional liability, general liability and privacy and network security (cyber liability).

The good news is that insurers are bringing expertise in medical malpractice coverage and the needs of healthcare entities to the cyber insurance space to bridge the gap between medical malpractice and cyber risk.

Download a copy of Telemedicine and Cyber Risk, an infographic from Aspen Insurance, CRC Group, and Advisen that offers a closer look at why bridging the huge gap between medical malpractice and telemedicine security risks is critical for the wellness of patients and the healthcare industry.