Myth Busting Cyber Claims – There is more than one way to manage a cyber claim

The insurance industry has long worked under the assumption that cyber claims, or cyber incident response, should be led by a lawyer or IT specialist. While legal and IT services are essential components of cyber claims handling, and the cyber provider ecosystem, their expertise is necessary at the right time and not necessarily for every situation that transpires. Dedicated project management can help to streamline the cyber claims process.

During this webinar, hear from CyberScout’s Eduard Goodman and Eric Hodge, Advisen’s Josh Bradford, and a panel of experts as they explained how cyber incident response project management can be utilized to ensure that costs are minimized and losses are localized.

The free, one-hour webinar is sponsored by CyberScout.


The following panelists participated in the webinar:

  • Eduard Goodman, Global Privacy Officer, CyberScout
  • Eric Hodge, Director, CyberScout Solutions
  • Luke Johnson, Senior Claims Adjuster, Cyber; Solicitor, England & Wales, AmTrust at Lloyd’s
  • Joanne Martin – CISO Advisor, Practice Lead – Hartman Executive Advisors
  • Josh Bradford, Senior Editor, Specialty Editorial, Advisen (Moderator)

Webinar Topics

The following topics were discussed:

  • Developing plans for a swift and appropriate response to an event
  • Effectively utilizing cyber incident response project management
  • Streamlining the cyber claims process
  • Minimizing costs in cyber incident response