Enhance Pricing and Predictive Models with Historical Exposure Data

Frequency analytics falter when market context is unavailable. How can you enhance your current exposurevue-slides-2017-09-19-150x112approach to frequency modeling? How can you better identify new product and available market opportunities?

On Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at 11am EDT, Advisen’s Jim Blinn, EVP Client Solutions and Verisk Insurance Solutions’ Nick Irwin discussed how vast quantities of historical exposure data can radically re-shape conventional approaches to frequency modeling.

This discussion revealed how analysts are upgrading loss frequency models and the ways in which enhanced exposure data has led to more refined models. The webinar showcased ExposureVue, which provides structured time series company, industry, and financial data.

Loss Data Modeling Webinar Topics

  • Why is historical exposure data so difficult to collect/assemble?
  • What impact does historical exposure data have on market sizing?
  • How does historical exposure data change frequency modeling?
  • What are the natural pitfalls when comparing the losses of “100 chemical companies” and “100 utilities”?
  • What aspects of frequency modeling are most susceptible to incomplete exposure assumptions?
  • Are there certain coverage lines, such as cyber risk, where historical exposure data will have greater effect?
  • How can historical exposure data impact premium growth?


  • Jim Blinn, EVP Client Solutions, Advisen
  • Nick Irwin, FCAS, MAAA, Lead Cyber Actuary, Specialty Commercial Lines Actuarial Products, Verisk Insurance Solutions

Who should attend?

If you are at a re/insurance company, brokerage, or InsureTech company, you won’t want to miss this loss data modeling webinar recording, particularly if you are a(n):

  • Actuary
  • Chief Risk Officer
  • Chief Data Officer

Claims Professionals and Risk Managers may also benefit from this discussion.