2017 Cyber Risk Preparedness and Response Survey

May 2017

Advisen and Experian are proud to release the results of the 2017 Cyber Risk Preparedness and Response crisis-in-cyber-confidence-paper-250x324Survey with the theme A Crisis in Cyber Confidence: Risk Experts Concerned Over Continued Client Complacency. Sponsored by Experian Data Breach Resolution, the 26-page white paper focuses on risk experts’ opinions on their companies’ and clients’ ability to manage a cyber incident and what they think needs to be done to improve their overall security posture.

Responding to Cyberattacks

How confident are you in your company’s or client’s ability to respond to a cyberattack? What threats are keeping you up at night, and are you prepared to handle them if they strike?

Advisen and Experian polled 307 risk managers, insurance brokers and legal experts to better understand what cyber threats had them most concerned. They found that while external risk experts and risk managers were aligned on the risks facing companies, the third-party experts were concerned about their clients’ complacency. While many respondents noted that their company or clients had a response plan in place, this did not translate to confidence among external risk experts in their clients’ ability to effectively manage an incident.

Download a copy of the report to gain more information about risk professionals’ views on cybersecurity and cyber insurance.