2017 Data Breach Industry Forecast

experian-data-breach-250x324Advisen and Experian released an annual white paper that outlines five predictions for the data breach industry in the coming year. The 2017 Data Breach Industry Forecast is intended to shed light on emerging trends that companies should know about and prepare for. The free, 10-page report offers industry predictions that are rooted in Experian’s history of helping companies navigate more than 17,000 breaches over the last decade.

Cyber Threats and Trends to Look Out For

Aftershock password breaches will expedite the death of the password. This is one of the data breach trends outlined by Experian in the 2017 Fourth Annual Data Breach Industry Forecast.

For the fourth year, Experian released the report that seeks to help companies ensure they are protected from new types of security threats by looking at the signs early on. Experian recognizes that cyber attackers are finding more stealthy ways to get around security measures and seek the information they want. As a result, organizations should be aware of the evolving tools and targets and reevaluate their respective incident response plans.

Of the potential sources for a breach, electronic health records (EHR) are likely to be a primary target for attackers. The portable nature of this information and the number of different entities and end-points that need access to them mean the potential for them to touch a vulnerable computer system is high.