Bridging the Gap: How Cyber Practices & Data Breaches are Connected

bitsight-paper-250x324Advisen and BitSight released a report that presents how organizations reduce their cyber risk by embracing responsible cybersecurity practices throughout their networks. It features an analysis of the cybersecurity posture of organizations of all sizes and in all industries and looks at how cybersecurity practices can offer insight into whether a breach may occur. These details and more are featured in the free, 6-page paper Bridging the Gap: How Cyber Practices & Data Breaches are Connected.

Improving Cybersecurity Posture

How can businesses reduce the likelihood of data breaches? How can the evaluation of their cybersecurity policies and controls (or lack thereof) help lower their cyber risk?

BitSight and Advisen sought to determine what separates breach victims from organizations that go unscathed. They looked at the presence of malware on systems, the attack surface of any given organization’s network, the attention paid to patching software vulnerabilities, certificate management, and other factors that contribute to breaches.

Knowing how likely your organization is to experience a breach can help appropriately direct resources, make hiring decisions, justify budgets, buy the correct security products, and ultimately improve security posture. This insight is also particularly useful for insurers looking to underwrite cyber risk.

Everyone wants to know what ‘good’ organizations are doing compared to more vulnerable organizations,” said Jay Jacobs, Senior Data Scientist at BitSight. “No one factor is a smoking gun. But, as we look across these risk vectors, each one is telling a part of a larger story.