Spotlight on Innovation in the Transaction Insurance Market

September 2016

Advisen executive interview: Dennis Kearns, QBE

What are the drivers of growth in the Transaction Insurance market? How big can the Transaction Insurance market get? How is the market responding to new risks? Where is the innovation coming from? How do you account for cyber exposure? How can the market make the representations and warranties (R&W) product more relevant?

Advisen EVP and Editor-in-Chief Rebecca Bole interviewed Dennis Kearns, leader of QBE North America’s Transactional Liability and Financial Institutions practices, about the factors driving the market to grow at a fast pace.

M&A and Transaction Insurance

Interest in transactional insurance products like representations and warranties insurance and tax liability insurance has increased in recent years as the value they bring to mergers & acquisitions has become more widely recognized.

In this exclusive interview, QBE North America’s Dennis Kearns discusses the dynamics shaping transaction insurance. He also shares his thoughts on factors that will affect the future of the market.

The Transaction Insurance market must continue to work in lock-step with deal parties to offer a seamless response time to the deal. Insurance must never be considered as an obstacle to the deal process, but must operate in ‘deal time’ to meet deadlines set by the deal parties.