Quarterly D&O Claims Trends: 2016 Wrap Up


Download PDF: Webinar Slides

Advisen hosted a webinar that examined the D&O claims trends for 2016 focusing on Q4. On January 25, RT ProExec’s Kevin LaCroix, Advisen’s Jim Blinn, and a panel of experts discussed the frequency and severity of securities suits in Q4 2016 and provided an overview of 2016.


The following panelists participated in the webinar:

  • Kevin LaCroix, RT ProExec, a division of RT Specialty, and author of the D&O Diary
  • Will Fahey, Berkshire Halthaway Specialty Insurance
  • Chris Cavallaro, CEO, ARC
  • Jim Blinn, Executive Vice President, Information & Analytics Division, Advisen (moderator)

Webinar Topics

Topics discussed:

  • Frequency and severity of securities suits in Q4 2016
  • Suits by type
  • Suits by sector
  • Merger objection cases