IDT911 breaks ground on new cyber claims program for insurers

By Advisen Ltd. on September 28, 2015

IDT911-logo200x200IDT911 said it has a new service to streamline cyber claims management and maintain efficiency for insurance carriers processing cyber liability claims.

CyberClaims911, brings more than a decade of specialized knowledge to cyber claims handling, rare in the relatively new cyber liability space, meaning insurance companies will realize significantly lower research and management costs over non-specialized claims third-party administrators (TPA).

CyberClaims911 handles claims for all aspects of cyber coverage—from first to third party coverages, including incident response, business or network interruption, liability exposures, and more.

The service is designed for carriers just entering the cyber insurance space or looking to reduce claims, handling costs and inefficiencies. It is the first and only TPA that focuses solely on cyber claims processing—delivering industry-leading data breach avoidance and resolution services resulting in stronger management over losses and reduced operating expenses.

CyberClaims911 holds itself to the same rigorous customer service and business standards as IDT911. The company has the credentials to manage claims nationwide and continuously monitors new state and federal legislation to swiftly adapt to changes in cyber claims processing, as well as privacy breach regulations. The service offers full transparency for carrier clients with easy, secure access to the claims system for on-demand monitoring of claims status. Lastly, CyberClaims911 leverages IDT911’s strong partnerships with recognized leaders in cyber litigation to provide the best possible outcome and resolution for its clients’ policyholders.

“By using CyberClaims911, insurance companies can remain nimble and realize cost savings by using an external vendor to deliver specialized claims management services,” said Joe Salpietro, CyberClaims911 manager. “This service allows small insurers, mutual insurers, and major carriers the ability to better control costs and provide an unsurpassed policyholder experience – all with a partner they already trust, for a completely comprehensive solution.”

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