Policy Insight

Policy Insight provides comparisons on same provision/topics within policy wordings across 5,000 different policies in many lines of business. Use Policy Insight to identify key differences in coverage among your competitors and to highlight opportunities for new products that address unmet coverage needs.


Benefits for Brokers


Business Development

Identify weaknesses in incumbent broker’s coverage program

Highlight coverage advantages for alternative insurance markets



Highlight coverage advancements in prior renewal

Identify trends in coverage evolution



Understand variations in coverage from alternative quoting markets

Identify trends in coverage evolution

Understand admitted vs. non-admitted forms

Benefits for Insurers


Pricing & Ratemaking

Explore competitors’ scope of coverage and exclusions as they relate to pricing

Understand underlying terms and conditions for follow form coverage

Track market trends in coverage terms as input to pricing strategy


Product Development

Develop new products that address weaknesses in the coverage terms of competitors

Respond quickly to changes in the scope of competitors’ coverage

Track the emergence of new types of exclusions and endorsements


Marketing & Distribution

Arm field representatives with specific competitive differentiators

Support more informed conversations with brokers and agents

Justify higher pricing based on the quality and completeness of coverage

Policy Insight Data

Policy Insight data includes two types of wordings:

Full specimen forms across 12 LOBs

Advisen parses wordings into more than 100 specific topics per insurance line of business for easy side-by-side comparison.

Delivery Methods

Policy Insight is available via the following delivery methods:

Policy Insight Online

Policy Insight Online provides power users access to drill-down for greater detail and customization of policy wordings contained in the Advisen database.

Policy Insight Reports

Policy Insight Reports provide a side-by-side comparison of two insurance policy wordings in a Word document format.

Policy Insight for Microsoft Word

Policy Insight integrates into Microsoft Word to give you easy access to insurance policy forms without requiring a login or navigation through the online platform.

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