Loss Insight

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Loss Insight provides insurers with multi-dimensional information for actuarial, underwriting, and claims roles on losses. Loss Insight intersects complete industry loss event data with time series financial data to manage your portfolio profitably.

Loss Insight Insurer Benefits

Loss Insight provides insurers with insight into:

  • Strategic business direction
  • Underwriting early warning signs
  • Actuarial pricing trends
  • Claims and reserving indicators

Learn about Loss Insight benefits for Insurers.

Loss Insight Broker Benefits

Loss Insight enables to brokers to:

  • Maximize Growth
  • Increase Client Retention
  • Improve Broker Efficiency & Effectiveness

Learn about Loss Insight benefits for Brokers.

Loss Insight Risk Professional Benefits

Loss Insight enables to risk professionals to:

  • Understand Loss Exposure and Financial Impact
  • Identify and Quantify Potential Unfunded Risks
  • Communicate Trends and Examples to the C-Suite

Learn about Loss Insight Benchmarking benefits for Risk Professionals.

Loss Insight Data

Advisen’s loss data sets include data from:

  • Master Significant Cases and Actions Database (MSCAd) – more than 200,000 global severity events researched by Advisen
  • US Federal litigation dockets – more than 20 million litigation dockets

Loss data is classified by risk type and insurance coverages.

All data is searchable by client industry market segments including: geography, company size, company type, sub-industry and coverage type.

Loss Insight data includes intersected time series:

  • Business information on all business with greater than $500k in sales
  • Fundamental financial data on all public companies
  • Equity securities data
  • Debt securities data

Delivery Methods

Loss Insight is available via the following delivery methods:

  • Online
  • Reports
  • MS Office

Loss Insight Online

Loss Insight Online provides power users access to drill-down for greater detail and customization of loss data contained in the Advisen database.

Loss Insight Reports

Get all the data you need for your next sector loss analysis without spending hours pulling everything together. Loss Insight Reports are meeting-ready PDF reports that include snap shots on defined sectors within the coverage sector.

Loss Insight Feed

The feed service provides modelling-ready loss data intersected to business data in time series to allow for the building of proprietary algorithms.

Loss Insight Foundation — MS Office

Loss Insight Foundation enables clients to free up critical actuarial resources by providing a comprehensive data set in an easy-to-use MS Excel format.