Loss Insight

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loss-insight-fact-sheet-250x324Loss Insight provides data on significant accidents, lawsuits, regulatory actions, and events. A complementary suite of analytical tools enables analysis of trends to support decisions on risk evaluation, pricing, and program structure.

Underwriters use our loss data for evaluating individual risks.

Actuaries use it for modeling loss experience and developing rating information.

Brokers use it to help evaluate limit adequacy and coverage needs.

Risk managers use it to evaluate their own insurance programs.

Product development professionals use it to help quantify opportunities for offering new or expanded insurance products and services.

Marketplace Trends

Loss Insight provides a holistic marketplace perspective on:
What types of losses are growing in frequency and severity?
Which industries and geographies are getting safer or more dangerous?
How will new and emerging risks impact my or my client’s current book? Are they threats? Opportunities?

Loss Attributes and Predictors

Escape the boundaries of internal data:
What are the characteristics of companies that make them most likely to experience a particular type of loss?
What is the best way calibrate underwriting guidelines and rating plan to reflect differences in expected frequency and severity by industry, geography, and company size or type?
How can I leverage the power of predictive models for classes of business without high claim volumes?

Portfolio Characteristics and Risks

Leverage comparative analytics:
How does the risk profile of a book of business compare to the marketplace as a whole? Is there adequate return for the portfolios selected?
What is the potential of industry-wide loss events? What sorts of diversification strategies could mitigate systemic loss?
Do the case reserves and IBNR adequately reflect the appropriate loss expectations for a particular book of business?

Loss Insight Data

Advisen’s loss data sets include data from:

  • Master Significant Cases and Actions Database (MSCAd) – more than 350,000 global severity events researched by Advisen, exceeding $9 trillion in loss value
  • US Federal litigation dockets – more than 20 million corporate litigations

Loss data is classified by risk type and insurance coverages.

All data is searchable by client industry market segments including: geography, company size, company type, sub-industry and coverage type.

Loss Insight data includes intersected time series:

  • Business information on all business with greater than $500k in sales
  • Fundamental financial data on all public companies
  • Equity securities data
  • Debt securities data

Delivery Methods

Advisen’s loss analytics are available via the following delivery methods:

Loss Insight StrataScope

Loss Insight StrataScope enables clients to free up critical actuarial resources by providing a comprehensive data set in an easy-to-use MS Excel format.

Loss Insight Feed

The feed service provides modelling-ready loss data intersected to business data in time series to allow for the building of proprietary algorithms.

Loss Benchmarking

Loss Benchmarking enables users to highlight missing or inadequate lines of cover, pinpoint risks from loss history, and identify potential exposures and risks from an industry’s experience. Peer comparisons provide insight into a firm’s performance regarding loss frequency, severity, and composition of losses.

Read case studies that demonstrate brokers’ everyday success using Loss Benchmarking.

Loss Insight Online

Loss Insight Online provides power users access to drill-down for greater detail and customization of loss data contained in the Advisen database.