Client Insight

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Client Insight provides brokers with insight into insurance pricing, losses, and exposure data on existing, new, and prospective clients. Differentiate yourself on expertise by becoming your client’s most knowledgeable trusted advisor. This knowledge is beneficial for roles in business development and stewardship. Learn more about Client Insight Professional and Client Insight Expert.

Client Insight Broker Benefits

Client Insight enables brokers to:

  • Maximize growth
  • Increase client retention
  • Improve broker efficiency and effectiveness

Learn more about client insight benefits for brokers.

What our clients say about Client Insight Reports

I’m a big fan of Advisen’s portal content and service offering, overall. I request Client Insight reports on a regular basis, and I appreciate the professional format and quick turnaround. However, I wanted to convey my appreciation for your assistance this morning. A previously run report needed to be reworked relative to its SIC Code. The timeline was short, and the stakes are high. Client management worked with me to get the requested change made in short order. Much appreciated!

Client Insight Data

All data is searchable by market segments including: geography, company size, company type, industry, and coverage type. Client Insight Data includes intersected:

  • Policy details on millions of transactions
  • Loss information on millions of events
  • Business information on all businesses with greater than $500k in sales
  • Summary industry analysis on more than 100 industries

Know Your Limits

As part of a Client Insight subscription, every Monday you will receive a free weekly newsletter called Know Your Limits. The newsletter is filled with examples of everyday insurable commercial losses across a wide range of industries and LOBs.

What you will get out of Know Your Limits:

  • Ability to communicate the importance of good insurance limits to prospective clients.
  • Help you and your current clients make more informed insurance buying decisions.

Client Insight Professional

Client Insight Professional provides business exposure information, limit, retention and pricing benchmarking, news as well as large loss anecdotes for the insured and their peer-group. Client Insight Professional is delivered via Advisen’s online platform and on-demand reports.

Client Insight Expert


Client Insight Expert Case Studies

Loss Benchmarking

Loss Benchmarking provides brokers with industry and peer group comparative loss experiences for enhanced limit adequacy, retention suitability and rate validation capabilities to ensure they provide best in class advisory services.

Loss Benchmarking enables users to:

  • Highlight missing or inadequate lines of cover
  • Pinpoint risks from loss history
  • Identify potential exposures and risks from an industry’s experience

Read case studies that demonstrate brokers’ everyday success using Loss Benchmarking.

Placement Analytics

Placement Analytics provides brokers with advanced insight into optimal market selection and carrier appetite, leveraging a highly diversified and independent set of policy data for a more comprehensive analysis.

Read case studies that demonstrate brokers’ everyday success using Placement Analytics.

Client Insight Expert is available as a paid upgrade to Client Insight Professional. View Client Insight Expert FAQs.

Client Insight Professional vs. Expert

The below table shows what is included in Client Insight Professional vs. Client Insight Expert.


Client Insight Professional

Client Insight Expert

Program Peer Comparison Summary

Coverage Need Analysis

Program Benchmarking

Comparative Large Losses

Risk Analysis

Exposures, Financials & Securities


Significant Developments & News

Loss Severity Curves (XS Liability)

Market Summary (Loss Trends, Pricing & Carrier Appetite)

Industry Risk Profiles

Carrier Selection

Loss Analytics for Limit Selection

Delivery Methods

Client Insight is available via the following delivery methods:

Client Insight Online

Client Insight Online provides power users access to drill-down for greater detail and customization of client data contained in the Advisen database.

Client Insight Reports

Get all the data you need for your next renewal without spending hours pulling everything together. Client Insight Reports are meeting-ready reports that include pricing trends, limits comparisons, losses, and exposure data. Order a Client Insight Report.

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