ADVx insurance premium index tracks changes in program premiums paid at renewal by commercial lines insurance buyers. The ADVx Large Market (LM) and Middle Market (MM) Indices are the composite of the individual lines of business weighted by their relative premium volume as reported in Best’s Aggregates and Averages, where LM is for businesses having annual revenues in excess of $250 million and MM is for businesses having annual revenues less than $250 million.

The ADVx Index – Trend chart presents the insurance premium index value while the ADVx Index- Percent Change chart presents the year-over-year percentage change.

The ratio of Insurance Industry Surplus as a percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a measure of the balance between supply (surplus) and demand (GDP). If the ratio increases (meaning greater supply) rates will frequently decrease, conversely if the ratio declines below 3.2, rates will frequently increase.