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Advisen’s Total Data Assets

The Advisen data reservoir is fed by significant asset streams including exposures, risk factors, policy wording, losses, transactions and real-time news. Our expertise is transforming a sea of unstructured data into well-structured, normalized intelligence, which we link seamlessly with your system and your needs. We satisfy industry needs by integrating several data disciplines to turn data into information – and information into actionable market wisdom.

Loss Insight

Loss Insight provides insurers with multi-dimensional information for actuarial, underwriting, and claims roles on losses. Loss Insight intersects complete industry loss event data with time series financial data to manage your portfolio profitably.

Learn more about Loss Insight.

Insured Insight

Insured Insight provides roles in underwriting and IT operations with insurance underwriting tools to boost profitability. Risk Insight benefits include insight and efficiency in the daily underwriting work-ups on insureds.

Learn more about insurance underwriting tools in Insured Insight.

Market Insight

Market Insight combines millions of policy transactions with insured exposure, market segment, broker, and carrier data, providing the most comprehensive view of the marketplace possible. Market Insight enables organizations to evaluate insurance market trends, potential market threats, identify new areas of opportunity, inform places to build distribution, and enhance market strategy.

Learn more about Market Insight.

Client Insight

Client Insight provides brokers with insight into insurance pricing, losses, and exposure data on existing, new, and prospective clients. Differentiate yourself on expertise by becoming your clients’ most knowledgeable trusted advisor. This knowledge is beneficial for roles in business development and stewardship.

Learn more about Client Insight.

Policy Insight

Policy Insight provides comparisons on same provision/topics within insurance policy wordings across 5,000 different policies in many lines of business. Use Policy Insight to identify key differences in coverage among your competitors and to highlight opportunities for new products that address unmet coverage needs.

Learn more about Policy Insight.

Risk Insight

Risk Insight provides risk professionals with insight into insurance pricing, losses, and exposure data on their business and industry. Supply the C-Suite with information and insightful analysis of risk. This knowledge is beneficial for roles in: exposure identification; risk strategy; risk, loss and claims management; risk financing; and risk administration.

Learn more about Risk Insight.